For the Love of Bees by Maturing Mama

Check out our friends over at Maruting Mama Magazine and see the great write up they did on Green Stinger and our Beeswax Food Wraps! Below is a small section from the article! 

They arrive extra tacky and will remain so for several washes. Even as they become less tacky over time, the beeswax will still hold in place with the help of the heat from your hands. Beeswax Wraps typically last over a year of regular use and are even compostable when you decide to replace them.

I received their 6 pack in the mail. It came in packaging made from 100% recycled paper and biodegradable cellulose and listed the materials used for making the wraps, as well as instructions for use right there on the outside. 

This pack includes two of each size wrap which are 7”x8”, 10”x11”, and 13”x14”. The smallest looks to be about the size of a napkin, medium seems to be paper towel size, and the largest is just about as big as a box of frozen pizza! It’s impressively large. (I thought you other mamas out there might appreciate a visual of just about how big they are before having to take out your measuring tape!)

The sizes in this pack are the absolute perfect variety. They cover everything!
They are wonderfully thin, which I believe makes them even more capable of molding onto whatever shape you are using them for. The fact that they stick to themselves is a lifesaver! I always cut costs at the store by purchasing the cheapest cling wrap possible, and we all know that stuff does NOT stick to itself!! I am able to wrap my husband’s work sandwiches in just one wrap and fold it over on itself and I’m done! No other container needed. Game. Changer.

You can read the full article here!