How to Wash and Store your Beeswax Food Wraps

How to Wash and Store your Beeswax Food Wraps

Beeswax Food Wraps are a natural product, made from all-natural materials so you do need to take care of them. When you first receive a new set of Green Stinger Trading Beeswax Wraps there is a great small of fresh beeswax and Jojoba Oil. As much as we love this smell it does fade away after a few washes. Beeswax naturally repels moisture and liquids, and has its own antibacterial properties. Depending on what you used it for, your wraps might just need to be rinsed off with cold water, but we will explain the whole cleaning process here for when you use your wraps fully.

Wash by hand with cold water

Wash by hand! Please do not use a dishwasher as the heat will melt the wax. Wash by hand with cold water. The water doesn't have to be ice cold, just cooler than the air temperature. We use cold water for two main reasons:

  1. Hot water will melt the wax, separating it from the cotton. 
  2. Cold water will make the wax firn and allow you to scrub it if needed. 

Wash by hand, with cold water and you can use a small amount of dishwashing soap. We recommend a biodegradable soap, but you can get away with regulated dish soap. Just use a small amount. Don't worry about the soap absorbing into the cotton because the wax actually seals the cloth. You can use a sponge or brush if you like. Be gentle with it, any strong scaping might remove some wax. 

After washing hang up to air dry. You can simply hang it over the side of your drying rack or be fancy and hang a string, like a small close line to hang (and display) your beeswax wraps on. Sometimes, if we are being lazy we just drape it over the faucet to dry, that works fine too. 

After they air dry, you can store them in any dry, dark, cool area. We recommend a kitchen draw, but make sure it is not next to the stove. They need to stay at room temperature or cooler. Keep out of direct sunlight for storage as the sun could heat them up and melt the wax. (Putting them in a tin box on a window sill is not a good idea, true customer story.)

Pro Tip: Roll them for storage, prevents long term fold lines from forming. 

Following these simple steps will keep your Beeswax Wraps working for well over a year. Over time the wax will fade away and at that time you can compost the wraps. The average American house uses up to 24 rolls of plastic wrap per year… This one pack of 6 Beeswax Food Wraps from Green Stinger Trading could replace an entire year's worth of disposable single-use plastic! Awesome!

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Roll for storage