How to Fold and Wash your Green Stinger's reusable shopping bags.

How to fold and wash your Green Stinger's reusable shopping bags.

This grocery bag design makes storing and carrying bags easy! They fold up into a small built-in pouch and can be clipped onto your purse or school bag until you need it again. 

To fold them, hold the bag upside down, hold the carabiner should be facing you. Grip the yellow strips with your thumb and pointer fingers.

Use the rest of your fingers to gather and collect the bag into a tight ball inside the yellow stips. 

One the bag is crushed into the corner pouch, flip it over, hold it tight with one hand as you pull the drawstring with your other hand.

Push the plastic clip tight and you are done.

Waging your bags are super easy! Just throw it into the washer machine. We recommend machine washing them with your normal load of colored wash and then let them air dry. 

Just remember to bring your bags with you! you never know when you might need a bag.