Collection: Backyard Beekeeping Services

We offer a variety of Services to help fellow beekeepers here on Staten Island!

Our services are intended to help train novice beekeepers to better take care of their own colonies. We do not offer private Hive Management. 

Hive Inspections:

Our hive Inspections Services will do a health inspection on up to 3 hives in one location. We would like the owner to be present and learn, ask questions and participate in the inspection. This is a private hands-on lesson. 

We will look for pests such as Small Hive Beetles and Varroa Mites. We will check for a health brood pattern, fresh eggs and health disease free larvae. We will also give advice for any problems we may see. 

Cost is $150 for up to one hour, not including any treatment or supplies we may provide.

Mite Testing and Treatment:

Testing and treating Varroa Mites can be very intimidating for new Beekeepers! Many choose to pretend they don't have mites, which can lead to elevated levels not only in that apiary, but neighboring colonies as well. 

We can test up to 5 hives in one location and offer seasonally appropriate treatment. 

Cost is $100 for up to an hour plus the cost of treatment if needed. As with our inspections we encourage the owner to participate and learn with us. 

Abandoned Hive Removal:

Beekeeping is not easy and it takes a lot of time. If you or a family member started beekeeping but you have decided to stop we can offer a removal and relocation of the Bees. 

Cost ranges from free to $100/hour. We will start by assessing the health of the Bees and conditions of the equipment before we can give a full quote. 


During Swarm Season, April and May, sign us for our Swarm Catchers List and you can accompany us on a swarm removal and take the swarm home! 

Cost is free, plus you get free bees!

Give us a call or better yet, text us with you location and questions to see if our services are right for you.