Collection: Local Honey & Our Honey Tent

We are sold out of 2023 honey! Thank you to all who supported us. Look for our next sale in June. 

Honey is a very valuable commodity to our bees and we are careful to only harvest excess honey. Due to weather and other factors sometimes there is no excess. When we do have some extra honey to sell we will set up our Honey Tent at various fares around Staten Island. 

Our small-batch local honey sells out fast! We always adverse on social media where our Honey Tent will be next. Sorry we do not sell Honey online. 

Raw: This honey is never heated or pasteurized like many store-bought honey is. 

Local: Our Honey is naturally produced by backyard & rooftop bees all within Stapleton. This is a great way to introduce local Stapleton Pollen into your diet. 

Unfiltered: We simply strain wax and large particles out, no filtering. This leaves as must pollen and flavor in the honey as possible. You may find some small particles that are left behind. 

Wildflower: Honestly we don't have any way to know where the bees go! Forager bees can travel up to 6 miles wile foraging for nectar and pollen. Urban Bees, like ours, are said to have the best tasting honey because they have a much larger diversity of plants to pick from. If you live in Stapleton, our bees may have pollinated your vegetable garden, your tree, or your flower box. 

We harvest in very small batches. Only two or three times a year. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see when our next harvest may be. 

Thank you for supporting local beekeepers! 

The Items Below are the items for sale in person only at our Honey Tent