Collection: Beekeeping Experiance

Become a Beekeeper for an afternoon and experience Honey Bees first hand. Join us at one of our two teaching beeyards on Staten Island for a small group experience (2 to 8 people max). Learn about urban beekeeping, the plight of the Bees, wear a real bee siute and help open a live beehive. Plenty of opportunities for photos! 

Each ticket is for 2 to 4 people, only two tickets sold per event.  The price doesn't change if you bring 2, 3 or 4 people.

There is definitely a chance you may be stung by a bee, even thou very low. If you are anaphylaxis we would suggest you do not attend. Jackets, veils and gloves will be provided. Each participant is responsible for long paints, soxs and shoes.

These events are extremely weather dependent and may be canceled and rescheduled at the last minute. 

Parents are responsible for deciding if thier child if mature enough for this experience. The Bee suits may be very large on small children. 

We offer Beekeeping Experience in Stapleton and Tottenville, but our schedule is very limited! Check below for avaliable dates.